Thursday, Oct 25, 2012: Joint meeting of ACRL/NY SIGs

On Thursday, Oct 25, 2012, the DL SIG is proud to be part of a Joint meeting of ACRL/NY’s Information Literacy/Instruction, Distance Learning, and New Librarians discussion groups focusing on  Librarians As Instructional Designers

This is ACRL/NY’s first online event and we are looking forward to participation from both ACRL/NY and ACRL National members.

More and more librarians are combining their expertise in content, pedagogy, and technology to take on roles as instructional designers at their institutions. Michelle Costello (Education/Instructional Design Librarian), Corey Ha (Educational Technologist),and Kim Davies-Hoffman (Coordinator of Instruction & Reference Services) form the Instructional Design Team at SUNY Geneseo will discuss how their team came into being, what instructional designers do, their role in online education and other courses, the learning objects they’ve created and the emerging technologies they use to create them, and ideas for reacing out to faculty. There will be time after the session for Q&A and discussion.

Fiona Grady, ACRL/NY Information Literacy/Instruction Discussion Group Co-Chair, 631-632-1338

Dianne Gordon Conyers, ACRL/NY Information Literacy/Instruction Discussion Group Co-Chair

Kathryn G. Shaughnessy, ACRL/NY Distance Learning Discussion Group Chair  718-990-1454

Linda Miles, ACRL/NY New Librarians Discussion Group Chair


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