June 7, 2013 Meet & Greet: Instructional Design and Assessment

The ACRL/NY Distance Learning Discussion Group is pleased to sponsor a “meet-and-greet” on Friday June 7, from 9:30-11:00 am at the Mercy, Manhattan campus. The topic of conversation will be  “Library instruction in the online environment:  Designing for Use and Assessment.”

When tackling library support in online environment, a librarian needs to present information in a way that is  both helpful for users and assessable for administrators.  Join the ACRL/NY Distance Learning discussion group us as we talk with Robin Naughton, PhD (Drexel, and Vestar Consulting) about developing approaches to library instruction that are both user-friendly and assessment friendly.  Dr. Naughton is an experienced researcher, educator, and information professional.  Her research explores human-computer interaction (HCI) with a particular focus on user interface design and the use of user-centered research methods.

This is an “Open” Discussion meeting, allowing non-members to get their “feet wet” in ACRL/NY participation; thus both ACRL/NY Members and non-members are welcome to this meeting.  Participation in all Discussion Groups is a benefit of ACRL/NY membership, and allows you to share experiences and get practical ideas and strategies for integrating best practices at your own campuses.

Coming to this open “meet-and-greet” will allow you to connect with colleagues to discuss:

  • The increasingly-important role of instructional design and assessment in Higher education
  • Library instruction design and assessment as it relates to Distance Learning faculty and students in particular
  • The development of “designed/assessment-oriented” Library modules as a segue to collaboration with teaching faculty

Please this RSVP link ( http://goo.gl/LHSdd ) so that we can provide your name to security at the venue. If you are unable to make the meeting, you may also use the RSVP form to share a resource and/or let us know your preferences for  future ACRL/NY Discussion Group Meetings.

Thank-you for your interest, looking forward to a good discussion.


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