Joint Meeting with IL Group 11/19

ACRL/NY Information Literacy and Distance Learning Discussion Groups will be holding a joint meeting on Friday November 19th 2010 at the St John’s University, Queens Campus from 10AM – 12 noon    UPDATE:  Room: Bent Hall 277B     (Campus-provided Directions)  (google maps)

TOPIC:  ‘LibGuides’.   Join your group members for a lively discussion on this online resource that lets you share information with your users. Learn how colleagues are using LibGuides for teaching and learning at their institutions.  Share experiences and get practical ideas and strategies for integrating best practices at your own campuses.    We would like to host some presentations, share resource links and have a group discussion.  We are open to having several presenters, addressing issues below:

  • Pros and Cons of LibGuides (covering technical issues and best practices for instituting these guides)
  • Instructional issues related to LibGuides
  • Share positive methods and experiences using LibGuides through CMS (course management systems) such as WebCT, Blackboard or Moodle.

Please follow the link to this google form to

  1. RSVP for the Friday Nov 19th   (Seating is limited).
  2. add your name to the list of attendees—this is needed to send to security. The name you put on the form should match whatever ID you would present to security (Please note: this DG meeting is open to ACRLNY members)
  3. share a resource, article or exemplary LibGuide that you think does a particularly good job of meeting the issues stated above,
  4. contact the chair of your group (Eloise Bellard for the IL group or Kathryn Shaughnessy for the Distance Learners) if you would be willing to make a brief presentation on an issue related to the topics above. (Note: presenters should plan to take  10-15 minutes  and should contain practical information for the membership)

Thank-you for your interest, looking forward to a good meeting.

FYI:  The 2010 Symposium  “Innovation by Design: Re-Visioning the Library”  is Friday, December 10, 2010 at Baruch College. Registration is limited, and it is filling up fast, so if you want to attend, sign-up now!


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